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June 2020

June 16, 2020


Hey everyone!

Apologies for the long silence. I had planned for 2020 to be another productive year, continuing the momentum built up from last year, but... well... sometimes, as I'm sure you know, the world has other plans. I sincerely hope all of you have been staying safe. In the wake of everything that has happened in the past few months-- the COVID-19 pandemic, and the stay-at-home orders, and the protests-- my professional fine art practice has been dramatically impacted; I have been mostly sheltering in place since March, and I am just now beginning to work out how to re-establish my supply chain in a way that won't put myself or my family in jeopardy. For that reason, I honestly really haven't had very much to announce in recent months.

Which makes this next bit of news all the more exciting. It's been a tense few months of waiting for the gallery to get back to me with a game plan, but... I am now proud to announce that my work will indeed be shown at Allied Arts of Whatcom County next month! I am one of four local artists-- the others being Christopher Morrison, David Syre, and Kevin Coleman-- who will have work displayed at 'Precisely Abstract', an exhibition focusing on abstract artwork. The show opens on July 2 and runs until July 31, with the gallery being open Tuesday - Friday, 11AM - 4PM. Due to restrictions resulting from COIVD, there will be no opening reception, and there will be limits on how many people are allowed in the gallery at one time, but I hope you'll all come out to see my work (safely) when you're able! And for those of you who are still concerned about attending public events (or who don't live in Bellingham), the show will also be viewable on Allied Arts' online gallery. Please check it out when you have the chance!


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