October 2017

October 25, 2017

Wow, it's been awhile. Time just got away from me, I suppose. My apologies for my diminished presence on the website for the past two years. There is much to update here, and a lot of news to catch up on. I hope to make further updates in the coming weeks. For now, there are only two items worth noting here.

The first is one of the big reasons behind the long silence. This is common knowledge for most of my friends, but my father passed away last New Year's Eve. As you might expect, 2017 has been a very strange and difficult year for me as a result (though, on the whole, not as bad as 2016). I attended a service for my father in Florida back in June, on what would have been his 80th birthday, and I have been spending the past ten months mourning and keeping in constant contact with my mother as we've been dealing together with this difficult time in our lives.

But the good news here is the second item. Over the past four months, following my father's memorial, I have been working away at a new project. Today, I am very proud and excited to announce the self-publication of my second book, Year of Haiku and Other Collected Works! This is an anthology of my smaller writings from 2005 - 2017, featuring two poetry suites, fourteen poems, and a short story. For more details about the book and how to purchase it, see my "Written" page.


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